2 April, 2020

Ci Concept becomes Atechio

Ci Concept was founded in the beginning of 2009 and our business was built on production and delivery of visual communication with associated services. After a couple of years we were established as creators and developers of concept and visual expressions mainly to the retail segment.

The market changes and the communication gets more digital every year at the same time as the static communication remains. Our customers future demands will contain a lot of what we have supplied until now, but the digital range will get a greater importance to develop and drive sales and marketing.

We have chosen to position the company to meet these expectations from the market with a new strategy with a more digital alignment.

To clarify this we have decided to update the company name to Atechio AB. The name is a composition of some of our key values which shows whom we are today.

A = Action
TECH = Technology
IO = Innovation

VAT, addresses and other company details remains the same.