17 June, 2021

Begin the rollout of digital projects!

Digital Signage for Friskis & Svettis delivered by Atechio.

Already back in 2009, we expanded our services with another business area – Digital Signage.

The internal project organization and the collaboration with the software provider PLAYipp have been in place for some time. It is now time to roll out the first digital projects.

Here we showcase four of our first partnerships implemented in the spring of 2020. Both existing customers and new customers see the potential of a complete supplier in the important areas that we offer.

Atechio’s unique competence and experience within the four business areas we offer (Concept Development, Visual Communication, Designed Interior Design and now Digital Communication) gives our partners a complete delivery from creative design to visual implementation.

The rollout has taken off and we look forward to continued exciting development.
If you want to hear more about us and our offers, please contact: