Product and Delivery Terms | Atechio

1. Quality and guarantees

1.1 Quality requirements. The products are manufactured in accordance with good market practice and meet the quality requirements and specifications specifically agreed between the parties or specified in the appendix. Furthermore, the products always meet the requirements for quality, labelling, etc. that follows from laws and regulations.

1.2 Product warranties. Atechio guarantees that:
a) The products are manufactured in accordance with the specifications and that the products work as stated in the specifications and other materials provided by Atechio.
b) The products have the characteristics that are specified by Atechio.
c) The products meet the quality requirements specified in the contract or comply with laws and regulations, all lighting devices are CE marked according to standard procedure.
d) The products conform to the samples, descriptions and other information provided by Atechio.
e) Atechio is aware of and complies with the GDPR regarding registration, evaluation, approval, and restriction in accordance with local regulations.
f) Atechio is responsible for errors and defects that occur during the warranty period and shall correct defects in design, materials, and assembly.
g) Atechio’s commitment applies to defects and deficiencies that occur within two (2) years of delivery regarding colour shifts in materials such as acrylic, powder-coated aluminium and vinyl.
h) Warranty on light sources (LEDs) is five (5) years, other light sources are one (1) year.
i) Electronics / trafos and electrical cables have three (3) year warranty.

The warranty is not covered by damage caused by careless handling, inadequate / lack of maintenance or exposed to external influences such as strong winds over 21 m / s, strong sunlight and/or large temperature changes. No guarantees are given on flags as this is a consumable. We will of course rectify errors that can be attributed to manufacturing defects immediately.

1.3 Installation guarantee Atechio provides a 2-year guarantee on performed installations. The warranty period for installed wall vinyl is only provided after a previously approved installation test. The installation base must meet the product’s specification requirements.
See further information below point 6. Test print.

2. Penalties for errors

2.1 If Atechio violates the warranties or requirements referred to in paragraph 1, Atechio shall, without delay and at the option of the store, remedy the defect, replace the defective product with a new defect-free product, or return payment for the defective product.

2.2 Atechio does not reimburse additional costs for, for example, assembly, rent, express shipping, etc. in connection with warranty defects.

3. Complaint

Any complaint of visible damage and defects must be made no later than 8 days after delivery. The product must be reviewed and approved by Atechio. Atechio is responsible for reproduction/repair as soon as possible after an approved complaint. There must be a reasonable time for any reproduction/repair.

4. Damaged goods

In the event of freight damage, this must be noted on the consignment note upon receipt of delivery and both the recipient and the driver must sign. The sender is then contacted. Atechio does not reimburse additional costs for, for example, assembly, express shipping, etc. in connection with damaged goods.

5. Missing goods

In the event of any missing goods, this must be reported to the sender immediately. There must be a reasonable time for any reproduction. The freight forwarder has 30 days to track down missing goods. Atechio does not reimburse additional costs for, for example, assembly, express shipping, etc. in connection with missing goods.

6. Test print

For order values of vinyl of more than SEK 10,000, a free physical test print is recommended for approval. Order value less than SEK 10,000 is charged for test prints with 1,200 SEK of which 50% is credited when ordering. The test must be up for at least 14 days to ensure the correct choice of material for the respective installation base. In the absence of test printing, no misprint complaints are approved, or when there is no time for test printing, no misprint complaints are approved.

7. Force Majeure

Atechio is free from any damages in which Force Majeure is invoked. Examples of such circumstances may be war, government intervention, irregular regulations, unrest, restrictions on energy supply, labour market disruptions, bans, accidents.

Atechio follows the Swedish Advertising Advertising Association’s general regulations for the delivery of light signs.

Here, you can download Atechio’s Product and Delivery Terms as a PDF. (Swedish)