Karibu Sushi & Poké

Karibu Sushi & Poké logo on blured background.

Karibu Sushi & Poké has opened their first restaurant in Nacka Forum, Atechio has been involved with design work in terms of developing a new logotype and menu boards according to our customer’s vision. After approved proofreading, we produced and installed the materials on site. We are happy about the collaboration with Karibu Sushi & Poké and wish all the best of luck!

Ica Maxi Bromma

ICA Maxi Bromma

In connection with the opening of ICA Maxi Bromma, the retailer wanted to highlight the brand for its store – H5 after the hangar at Bromma airport where the establishment is made.  Atechio designed and produced the visual material used in selected locations in the store, Atechio also handled the delivery and installation of other communication surfaces according to the guidelines. If you want to know more, contact:

Pantry Store | Stockholm

Pantry Store in Epicenter on Regeringsgatan in Stockholm.

Today, Pantry Store opens its “store” in Epicenter on Regeringsgatan in Stockholm. An APP that you order items through before you, with a received QR code, open your locker and take out the items purchased. The shopping of the future is here and Atechio has worked together with the Pantry Store to realize and implement the project, this is the first but more establishments are planned. If you want to know more, contact:

ICA Maxi | Bromma

ICA Maxi Bromma Piaggio

ICA Maxi Bromma choose a Piaggio for deliveries in the near surroundings when they open up their new store in Bromma.Atechio took care of the visualization to connect the new store with the customers and gave the Piaggio a corporate look.

Schneider Electric in Norway

Schneider Electric Norway

In close corporation with Arval we have started up a project regarding car wrap for Schneider Electric in Norway. This is another example of how we can handle customers and projects in the different Nordic countries.

Sushirullen Oxelösund

Sushirullen Oxelösund

ICA Kvantum in Oxelösund chooses to open up sales of store-produced sushi together with Sushirullen. Atechio designed visibility and wayfinding to guide the customer from the parking lot into the store and onwards to the counter where the sushi is prepared and sold. Atechio created external signage, campaign foiling and visualization of the sales counter, all in close collaboration with the client.


Carlsberg tapet

Carlsberg Sweden has moved to a new office in Gothenburg andAtechio has produced and installed a nice wall picture. We thank Carlsberg for the trust!