Caffè Nero – Alvik

Facade sign for Caffé Nero Alvik

In cooperation with Panea we’re helping the British café chain Caffè Nero to establish itself in Sweden.Their second café opened in Alvik, Stockholm and we have delivered and installed their facade signs.

9 April, 2019

Jureskog – New location

New foil for Jureskog

As their third restaurant in Sweden, Jureskogs take a step to Skåne and Lund. To make the citizens aware of the upcoming restaurant, Ci Concept in collaboration with ROL Fredbergs got the mission to cover the windows with Jureskogs graphic materials until opening.

5 April, 2019

Creating illusions for Frendo

Tile pattern vinyl for Frendo

As a partner to Code Concept, Ci Concept created a tile pattern which was printed on vinyl and installed in a couple of Frendo stores. Feedback from the stores: “Super nice and good substitute for original tile.”

21 March, 2019

Entrance signs for Ganni

New signs for Ganni

In collaboration with Use Form AB, Ci Concept has produced, delivered and mounted entrance signs to the Danish clothing brand Ganni’s first own store in Sweden. The store is located on Norrlandsgatan in central Stockholm. We thank you for your trust and wish Ganni good luck with their new store.

18 March, 2019

Shire becomes Takeda

New sign for takeda

On behalf of ISS Facility Services AB, Ci Concept helped changing the name from Shire to Takeda in their Stockholm office. The task was production and installation of entrance logos on glass and reception sign after taking down the Shire logos.

15 March, 2019


New sign for Androuet

In collaboration with Panea, Ci Concept has produced and mounted signs and communication to Androuet,a newly opened cheese store in NK’s market hall in Stockholm.

14 March, 2019

New office for Systemair!

New facade sign for Systemair

We helped our new neighbor Systemair with their visual communication, and guess what? It all started with a coffee! We took care of the design, building permits, production and installation of their new signs and foil.

13 March, 2019

New concept for Sushirullen

New concept for Sushirullen

Sushirullen contacted us with a new idea. They wanted to take their sushi concept into grocery stores to increase their business and brand awareness. To see the full case, click here!

22 February, 2019

Exclusive Alpine Centre

Installed signs and furniture

As a partner to Rousseau, Ci Concept installed signs and furniture for Alpines Sweden launch in Bilia Segeltorp.

19 February, 2019

Graphic decor for Sandvik

Graphic decor for Sandvik

As a part of the new concept from BAS for Sandvik, Ci Concept produced, delivered and installed graphic decor for glasses and doors in Kista office.

8 February, 2019