Car Branding

A car or a truck is the same as a rolling advertising pillar that you should use in your marketing communication. We brand all types of vehicles for companies, organizations or brand owners who want to be seen in a professional way.

No matter what you want to communicate, car branding is optimal for reaching both new and existing customers.


We at Atechio have many years of experience in branding both large and small vehicle fleets in Sweden and the Nordic countries.


Do you want to show who you are in a professional way, launch a new product, fully foil and change the color of your cars, put a Battenburg decor to be visible in traffic during road work or just have a nice logo emblem on the cars? Then Atechio is the right partner for you!


We help you through the entire process with everything from design, material selection, production, and installation.


Thanks to our assembly network, we can take care of projects throughout Sweden and you as a customer have only one contact.


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