Digital Communication

There is no doubt that digital signage will play a key role in future marketing and communication. It’s already an important marketing channel for store chains, restaurants, and outdoor media. No matter where in the world our customers sell their products, we will help them to improve their visual communication through digital signage.


We do this efficiently through a wide range of products with cloud-based platforms which enables the opportunity to have local or regional advertisements and communication. It also enables flexibility in what to communicate on the individual screen.
As an example, advertisements can be combined with other information and news reports on the same screen.
As our platform is cloud-based and totally digital, customers can use the design tools that they are using for all other communication, such as the Adobe Creative Suite. This means that there is no need for conversion to specially designed templates.
This saves a lot of time and money for our customers.


Depending on what, where or how our customers want to communicate we create a suitable solution for their needs.
There is basically no limit. Our platform is very dependable and monitors any occurring downtime.
This gives our customers a secure environment.


As Atechio creates and implements concepts, we can combine digital communication with traditional signing, architectural solutions and construction. This means that we can integrate digital communication in the interior environment, the furniture’s or in nicely designed encapsulations.



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