Bandit Fog Protection


The Bandit system is installed as an active robbery and burglary protection in large parts of the world. It is a system that generates 28 m3 of fog per second. The result of this dense fog makes it difficult for the criminal to follow his criminal plan. Action times of between 20-30 minutes are common in big cities and even longer on the countryside.  The system can be installed both in commercial premises and in private homes. The bandit system can be connected to ALL existing alarms on the market. Bandit fog generators are recommended by Swedish trade.



– Easy to use, controlled by an app

– Good protection against uninvited intruders

– Visibility will be zero for intruders

– Harmless fog

– The intruder must get out

– No damage to equipment or persons

– Easy to replace


Areas of use

– Construction sites

– Fairs

– Office space

– Temporary premises

– Empty holiday homes

– Protection against robbery in, for example, watch shops, gold shops, electronics shops, tool shops, banks, mobile shops, etc.


Technical details

– Bandit 320 produces 30 m3 of fog per second at 30 cm visibility densities!

– A medium-sized store of about 230 m3 only needs 5 seconds of activation from a Bandit to produce the desired fog.

– A fog cartridge has a lifespan of 3 years

– 0.1 second delay between intruder and fog discharged with full output of 28 m3 per second.
There is thus no time for an intruder to approach the dimming unit and suffocate it or damage the system.

– The cartridges are closed and do not leak!


Approved product

– Bandit has a CE approval which complies with European standard, EN50131-8

– Holds an approval certificate from Swedish SBCS


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