ICA Maxi Bromma

Ica Maxi Bromma

ICA Maxi Bromma

In connection with the opening of ICA Maxi Bromma, the retailer wanted to highlight the brand for its store – H5 after the hangar at Bromma airport where the establishment is made.  Atechio designed and produced the visual material used in selected locations in the store, Atechio also handled the delivery and installation of other communication surfaces according to the guidelines. If you want to know more, contact:

ICA Maxi | Bromma

ICA Maxi Bromma Piaggio

ICA Maxi Bromma choose a Piaggio for deliveries in the near surroundings when they open up their new store in Bromma.Atechio took care of the visualization to connect the new store with the customers and gave the Piaggio a corporate look.