Nonbye Sweden AB becomes
Ci Concept AB

After nearly five years as Nonbye Sweden AB, the board conducted extensive work to ensure future strategy together with the new business plan for the Company during spring, 2016. From having started as Ci Concept 2009 – the company was then a pure material and service provider, has Ci Concept recent years broadened its oering to include several dierent parts of the concept, design and development projects. The reception has exceeded expectations, and today we work with many dierent types of missions in these areas, it can be pure consulting or development projects as switches in various types of profiling and exposure projects. Demand for the company’s portfolio has grown gradually over the years, in terms of both products as geographically. Overall deliveries with the development and delivery of materials have contributed to a 10-doubling of sales since its inception in 2009, until the conclusion of the current fiscal year in 2016. To clarify this, the company gradually regaining the name Ci Concept and implement the new business plan starting in the autumn of 2016. Nonbye A/S in Denmark will remain the same material supplier and partner as before, however, the offer and the strategy for the next step will […]

31 October, 2016 News