Sängjätten in Väla shopping arcade

Image of facadesigns for Sängjätten installed by Atechio in Väla shopping arcade in Helsingborg.

Sängjätten has opened a brand new store in Väla shopping arcade in Helsingborg.Atechio has delivered digital signage, digital software, facade signs and several display stands in the store.We thank Sängjätten for the trust and look forward to the next store project.

Sign navigation in Stensåsa Wind Farm

Aluminiumsigns for EWii.

Together with our customer RWE Renewables, we have created image proposals for sign navigation in Stensåsa Wind Farm, owned by EWII. After approval from the customer on the art work, we have produced signs in aluminum and installed them in the specified location. The signs are mounted on pipes that are fixed in foundations in the ground.  Are you in need of aluminum signs with your own print? Contact Eva